Ethan Rooke

I am an applied mathematician broadly interested in the applications of geometric and topological techniques. I recently completed my Ph.D. advised by Isabel Darcy at the University of Iowa. I am now a postdoctoral researcher working on computational neuroscience at Iowa under the direction of James Traer.

This website is a bit of a mess at the moment. For the time being you can find a list of my publications and some notes on technical topics.


ZerNet: Convolutional Neural Networks on Arbitrary Surfaces Via Zernike Local Tangent Space Estimation

May 2020, Eurographics Symposium on Geometry

Zhiyu Sun, Ethan Rooke, Jerome Charton, Yusen He, Jia Lu, Stephen Baek.

Bounds on the Number of Irreducible Semigroups of Fixed Frobenius Number

July 2017, Rose Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal

Clarisse Bonnad, Reid Booth, Carina Kaainoa, Ethan Rooke.